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    Sunday, November 1, 2020

    History of Oil Mines In Aceh

    Since the XIV century in Perlak it has been known that there are oil wells, in ancient times kerosene in addition to lighting lamps, ignition materials and medicines, also used as tools of war.

    In majapahit expansion kerosene was used to burn enemy ships or boats that attacked perlak kingdom. Kerosene is also exported abroad by persians and Arabs.

    By the time Aceh was attacked by the Dutch and the mareka landed in Perlak, captain Colijn had learned that in the Long Region there were oil wells, because the villagers were extracting oil from wells with tima upih pinang and in the pacok treng to turn on the lamps, this vision brought benefits for Colijn, in addition to making reports also conveying the news of oil to a maskapaj kerosene.

    In 1897 Holand had requested a contingency in Alue for his exploration efforts.

    In 1908 Bataafshe petrolieum maatschapaj (BPM) opened its fields in The Panyang Region opposite Alue, all oil flowed with a pipeline of 128 KM long to Brandan base for export abroad.

    BPM's original plan was to open a factory in Bayeun, but because UB Perlak T Chik Muda Abubakar did not want to be responsible because in the forests there are still many Acehnese guerrillas, hence the oil is flowed to brandan (milk base).

    Perlak oil mines produce the most kerosene, at that time there were no wells elsewhere, only in the perlak and langkat. Then in 1928 rediscovered kerosene wells in Rantau kuala simpang and Cunda.

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