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    Sunday, November 1, 2020

    Sejarah Tu Ulee Glee aka Tengku Hanafiah

    According to the history in Pante Raja not far from kuala Njong on a hill there is a fortress or kuta that was built during the Portuguese attack on the Kingdom of Aceh

    During the Dutch colonial period, when Van Daalen ruled in Sigli in 1905, it was made his way from Musa village to the king's Pante through Paru Keude, the bookie that produced a lot of pepper at that time, when the road was made, the stone of the Fortress was dismantled to be used as a hoarder of roads, under this hill there was an assyahid tomb in ancient times during the war with the Portuguese.

    Among the graves are tu ule glee tomb which is originally named Tengku Hanafiah.Tu Ule Gle is Indatu Meuntro Adan and Bentara Seumasat Glumpang Payong, then Meuntro Adan changed his title to Admiral Negeri Njong.

    According to the story narrated by tu ule glee tomb keepers and the family of his two descendants, at the time of the Fort attack, Tu ule glee was hit by bullets and martyrdom at the foot of Kuta, then the body was taken by the family to Glumpang Payong and buried there.

    The people who vowed to come to the cemetery in Geulumpang Payong or where he converted shahid in Pante raja.according to this story may be the former Portuguese fortress in ule Glee Pante Raja makes sense because the place is strategic because it is close to three kuala namely Kuala Bjong, Kuala Pante Raja and Kuala Keranji.

    One of the pepper garden openers in the king's p

    ante is Teuku Syahbudin the son of hajj laksaman Muhammad Husen Ule balang negeri Njong, a descendant of Meuntro Adan or Tu Ule glee.

    When the Dutch invaded Aceh Admiral Muhammad Husen fled to penang island because he did not like to be ordered by the Dutch and took all his possessions and lived on Hatim Lane street and many built houses and buildings there from the treasures he brought from Aceh.

    (tomb tu ule gle)

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